For adults only: If you are 19+ you might like the idea of playing bird themed games with a chance to win thousands of dollars. If angry birds isn’t doing it for you and you have money to spare on gambling entertainment as a bird fan you might enjoy these online games. Where you can play them depends on where you are located, but there is a great choice of online casinos available for Vancouver and British Colombia players. The following digital game providers were sourced various online casino platforms like but you can also find casinos in your area with similar games in your local directory. 

Birds! Casino slot game – Betsoft

Betsoft’s Birds! Is similar to a slot machine, like the kind you would find in Las Vegas. But instead of reels spinning, you’ll find 15 very cute little birds perched on 3 electricity wires. When you “spin” the birds will fly away and 15 new birds will take their place. The birds are marked with different colourings and if you get three or more of the same coloured birds lined up in a row you will win! The amount of winnings depends on the bird combination. For example, get x3 red birds wearing a beret and get 75 credits.  The winning birds will fly away and be replaced with new birds, giving you more chances to win.

After every spin you can choose to “double up” which means you can bet all or 50% of your winnings and then guess correctly the outcome of a coin flip. This is a risky strategy though, so don’t get greedy. The real opportunity to win a big payout in this game is with the Free Rounds.  You’ll see the ‘free flights meter’ on the bottom side of the screen as a big egg in a nest. You need 4 winning combinations in a row to trigger the free spins round.

Birds on a wire online slot machine – Thunderkick

This virtual slot machine can be played on your mobile phone or laptop. It’s a 5 reel game with 17 paylines. It has a similar feel to Birds! 15 birds sitting on electricity wires. As you make a winning combination, the birds fly off and replacement birds settle on the wires. In Birds on a wire, every time you get a winning combination the multiplier increases. So the first time you get x1 the payout, the second time you get double the winnings and so on up to a maximum of x5.

If you get 3 or more bonus symbols you activate the free spins round. The bonus symbol is a bird peeking out of a bag. The wild symbol is a bird with a green circle. The wild can substitute all other symbols (except the bonus bird) and create a winning combination. The most you can win is nine thousand times your bet! 

As with all online casino gaming please play responsibly. Make sure you only play with what you can afford to lose. Playing bird themed games for real money should only be for entertainment, not as a way to make money and please never chase your losses. Good luck! 

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