Date: 22-26 August 2018
Location: The Ballroom, Vancouver Convention Centre
055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3

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Speakers will speak at the Ballroom in the Bird Expo of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

  • Rob Butler has been a scientist with the federal government and non government organizations, and an adjunct professor. For over 40 years, he watched, listened and lived among birds in the Salish Sea. He followed the birds into marshlands and along beaches of the Salish Sea and distant tropical lands. He met people of many cultures and he wrote and spoke about his discoveries. What emerged was a new view of nature that could inspire and transform the lives of all people. Rob Butler will be giving a lecture on Sunday, August 19th 2018.
  • Birds as Peacemakers: Yossi Lesham, Alexandre Roulin and Mansour Abu Rashid
    In the framework of the Vancouver International Bird Festival for the public, on the evening of Thursday, August 23rd 2018, three senior representatives from the Middle East: Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Israel, and a representative from Switzerland (University of Lausanne) will be giving a lecture at the Vancouver Convention Centre to an audience of 2,000. The lecture titled Birds Know No Boundaries will present their work during the last two decades, and their efforts to jointly advance projects for the conservation of bird species and their habitats, joint research and extensive educational activities. But of no less significance, they will present their projects to connect between nations, between Moslems and Jews with the birds constituting a tool for cooperation focusing on people-to-people activities at the levels of researchers, conservationists, farmers, schoolchildren, NGOs and politicians.
  • Purnima Barman, 2017 winner of the Whitley Award and 2018 winner of ‘Nari SHakti Puraskar’, the highest civilian award for women in India, an advocate working with women and their communities for stork conservation across India. She will be giving a lecture on Friday, August 24th 2018.


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