BIRD OF THE WEEK / WEEK 33: August 13, 2018

© Liron Gertsman


Warbling Vireo

Species Name

Vireo gilvus


11-13 cm length | 22 cm wingspan | 10-14 gm weight

A small passerine with a stour bill, slightly forked tail and short, thick legs. Vireos are similar in appearance to wood warblers but with a slightly larger head and a heavier bill.

They are olive-grey above and whitish below, with a paler supercilium and slate blue legs. Western populations have darker crowns and are somewhat smaller.

Habitat / Behaviour

Insectivore | Woodland

Their breeding habitat is deciduous or mixed, open woodlands.

Primarily insectivorous, they will take some berries and other fruit, especially during the winter or when preparing for migration.