BIRD OF THE WEEK / WEEK 28: July 9, 2018


© Liron Gertsman


Bald Eagle

Species Name

Haliaeetus leucocephalus


71-96 cm length | 204 cm wingspan | 3000-6000 gm weight

A very large, fierce looking bird with a large, hooked beak and powerful talons. Females are much larger than males.

Bald eagles are a gleaming, warm brown all over except their head and tail which is stark white in contrast. They have an egg-yolk yellow bill and talons and yellow eyes. Juveniles are brown, mottled with white throughout, and have brown eyes, bill and talons.

Habitat / Behaviour

Carnivore | Rivers, coasts, woodland | Lives approx 20 years

It kills and scavenges fish, birds and small mammals.


Monogamous | Messy stick-nest in tree | 1-3 eggs | 1 brood

Bald eagles build the largest tree nest of any bird known.

Vocalisation is a weak staccato, chirping whistled kleek kik ik ik ik.