BIRD OF THE WEEK / WEEK 26: June 25, 2018

© Liron Gertsman


Double-crested Cormorant

Species Name

Phalacrocorax auritus


70-90 cm length | 114-123 cm wingspan | 1200-2500 gm weight

A large, slender, upright water bird with a long neck, long, hooked bill, a short tail, short legs and webbed feet.

Their plumage is either black or dark brown and has a bronze or green, iridescent sheen. They have blue eyes, black feet and yellow-orange skin covering the face and throat. Breeding males have orange skin around the bill, blue eyelids and white plumes on either side of their head. Juveniles are much duller, either brown or grey.

Habitat / Behaviour

Pescavore | Coast, rivers, lakes | Lives 6-17 years

Found in fresh and marine environments, they are usually observed perched on rocks, cliffs, docks, pilings and anchored water vessels.


Monogamous | Nests on cliffs or ground | 1-7 light blue eggs | 1-2 broods