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Varied Thrush

Species Name

Ixoreus naevius


19-27 cm length | 34-42 cm wingspan | 65-105 gm weight

A medium-sized, plump songbird with short wings, a long tail and a slightly downturned bill. They are similar in size and shape to their relative the American Robin, but have a slightly heavier build.

Males are blackish with an orange throat and breast, black bib, orange wing bars and an orange stripe running from above the eye to the base of the head. Females are similarly marked but much less vibrant.

Habitat / Behaviour

Insectivore | Woodland | Lives approx 6 years

They are found in moist, dense, coniferous forests, usually at higher elevations.


Monogamous | Cup-shaped nest in tree | 2-5 greenish-blue eggs | 1-2 broods