BIRD OF THE WEEK / WEEK 22: May 28, 2018

© Liron Gertsman


Canada Goose

Species Name

Branta canadensis


75-110 cm length | 127-185 cm wingspan | 3000-9000 gm weight

A large goose with a plump body and a very long neck. Populations vary in size across their range and the male is slightly larger than the female. The cackling goose is very similar in appearance but can be distinguished by its much shorter neck and shorter bill.

They have a brown back, taupe chest and belly, white rump and black-brown tail. The neck and head are black with a distinctive thick, white chin-strap. The eyes, bill and legs are dark. Females and males have the same plumage.

Habitat / Behaviour

Herbivore | Wetland, ponds, coast

The Canada Goose is primarily a herbivore eating mostly grains, grasses and aquatic plants. They will also take the occasional insect or fish.


Monogamous | Ground nest | 2-9 eggs | 1 brood

The Canada Geese are aggressively protective of their offspring and will attack humans and other animals if their warning hiss isn’t heeded. The Canada Geese that breeds in and around Vancouver are the offspring of geese released into the wild. Native Canada Geese migrate through Vancouver to breed along the BC and Alaska coast.