BIRD OF THE WEEK / WEEK 13: March 26, 2018

© Liron Gertsman


Dark-eyed Junco

Species Name

Junco hyemalis


14-16 cm length | 18-25 cm wingspan | 18-30 gm weight

Dark-eyed Juncos vary in appearance across their range. The photo and description is of the commonly seen junco around Vancouver, sometimes referred to as the ‘Oregon Junco’.

A very small bird with a stocky appearance, a short neck, short wings and a short bill.

Black or dark grey head, dark eyes, ivory or pinkish bill, brown back, wings and tail, buff sides and white underside. The tail has white outer feathers that can be seen in flight. Juveniles have pale streaks and markings and can be mistaken for Vesper Sparrows.

Habitat / Behaviour

Granivore | Woodland | Partially migratory | Lives up to 11 years

Feeds on insects, seeds and berries and is common at backyard bird feeders.


Monogamous | Cup-shaped nest on the ground | 3-6 bluish-white eggs with spots | 1-3 broods