The Vancouver International Bird Festival (VIBF) was created to build on the success of Vancouver Bird Week which has been enjoyed in the city since 2013.

In 2018, VIBF is partnering with the International Ornithological Congress and Artists for Conservation to celebrate the world of birds. The festival is a public celebration. Registration is not required for the festival and many events are either free or require a small charge by our partner organizations. The congress is largely a science conference where delegates need to register. You can read more about Artists for Conservation here.

The objective of the VIBF is to partner with community groups to create a celebration of birds and nature, culminating in a Bird Festival and Expo to engage the public in a love of nature through birds.

The Expo will showcase organizations, speakers, suppliers of optical and other birdwatching equipment and tour companies among others who are engaging the public in the love of nature.

2018 will be our first year and we are happy to welcome the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) and Artists for Conservation to Vancouver to help us launch this annual event!

"Vancouver is on the doorstep of Canada’s premier birding hotspot, the Fraser River Delta that hosts internationally important birds each year. The Vancouver International Bird Festival is our way of celebrating the world of birds.”

— Rob Butler, Chair of VIBF


Vancouver International Bird Festival is run by members of the City of Vancouver’s ad hoc Vancouver Bird Advisory Committee made up of individuals and community groups with an interest in birds.

VIBF Chair: Rob Butler

Business Lead: Carol Matthews

Media & Communications: Barbara Robinson

Design: Geneviève Raîche-Savoie

VIBF Committee Members: David Bradley, Krista De Groot, Adrian Grant Duff, Jeff Brooks, Paul Sontz, Stephen Partington

Staff Liaisons: Vancouver Park Board Planning; Arts Culture and Engagement; Corporate Communications and Administration.

Advisors: Trisha Beaty, John West


Rob Butler, VIBF Chair


Plan to join us in 2018 when Vancouver International Bird Festival coincides with the International Ornithological Congress in Vancouver from 19 to 26 August. We are already planning an exciting week of all-things-birds for people from around the world.